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Disc One
  1. October Sky by Michael Bannerman
  2. Swallow Your Fears by State of Man
  3. It Gets Easier by Brittlestar
  4. Those Three Words by Stickboy
  5. Love is Patience by Shawn Hlookoff
  6. Everything Will by Downhere
  7. Decided by Glen Teeple
  8. So Much Depends by One Hundred Days
  9. Somebody Else by Scott Beckman
  10. Little Miss Sunshine by Courtney Lynn
  11. Crash by Kate Beneteau
Disc Two
  1. Silent Sky by Boy in December
  2. If I Fall by Eleven Eleven
  3. Sixties Sister by Mendip Road
  4. Current by Pictures of Then
  5. Down Here by Fraser
  6. Hunger Mountain by Ali Matthews
  7. Not Alone by Carolyn Arends
  8. All I Need by Adam Lipinski
  9. Human by Penny Brown
  10. Lend Me Your Hope by Monica Joy
The Thing With Feathers - Hope for a Cure

Welcome! Thank you for taking time to come and check out “The Thing With Feathers”. This double disc CD features a number of really great artists and has been created with two exciting goals in mind:

The first goal is to help raise public awareness for the relatively unknown but terrible illness known as Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or PSP.

The second goal is to help fund research aimed at finding a cure for PSP through the monies raised from sales of this project.

Many of you may not be aware, but my mother, Janet Bannerman, has struggled for the past few years with this illness. Over time it has robbed her of her ability to walk, speak, eat, think clearly and yes, eventually it will take her life.

Obviously this has been a difficult time for not only her, but for our whole family. In truth, we feel pretty helpless… so that is where the creation of “The Thing With Feathers” has come from.

For us, the creation of this project was a constructive way to deal with my mother’s illness. Do I really think that the making of a CD will save her life or improve the quality of her last days? Truthfully, no… but I do believe that it can play a key role in benefiting other families that may one day find themselves in a similar situation.

I still remember the “news” that we got back from doctors when my mother was first diagnosed. Basically it amounted to this:

“We know very little about this disease. There is no real treatment for it and there is no cure.”

My aim for this project is that above all it will give hope back to families such as ours that will have to deal with this disease. In fact my dream is that families faced with this illness will not hear the same message that we were given, but instead they will hear the doctors say something like:

“There is a lot of good research out there on PSP. We understand it. There is a treatment and most importantly… there is a cure!”

So here we are… “The Thing With Feathers” features 21 carefully selected, top-quality artists from all around the world. Each of them has graciously donated the use of their material without any profit to themselves because they believe in this project and what it stands for. We appreciate and thank them for that! We hope and encourage you to write them. Please let them know how much you love their music and thank them personally for their generosity.

All proceeds from the sale of this project will be sent to the Society for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy for use specifically with "hands on" research. Please take a moment to learn more about both PSP and what the society is doing to fight it. Their website is:

Finally, I would also ask that you consider helping us in our fight against PSP by purchasing a copy of the CD. You can make a difference AND also enjoy some great musical talent in the meantime.

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting the project and helping to create hope for a cure.


Michael Bannerman

$15.95 USD Each + Shipping

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